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Real-time fluid interpretation for on-site and remote events. Including conferences, workshops, and online webinars. As well as expert field trips and live broadcasts. 

Simultaneous Interpreting

Most suitable for bilateral meetings and formal receptions. In general, when interpreting simultaneously is not an option. 


Translating legal, literary, and other texts. As well as localizing content that resonates with your targeted culture and giving your message the right local dimensions.


Fluent Interpreter and Translator 

Whether you are looking for precise interpretation or accurate translation from and to German, Arabic, and English, I will faithfully convey your message. 

Hi there, I am Amira Bakr and I am personally committed to providing high-quality services through native fluency in German and Arabic, a very short decalage, as well as a diversified portfolio of terminology and expertise.

Conference interpreting is not a complicated scientific process but it is a delicate art of balancing input, output, and processing Data in a high-speed frequency. 

If we have not had the pleasure of collaborating yet, feel free to take a look at my resume and references that highlight my expertise and current projects.

Get to know me

Amira Bakr

Do you take long term projects?

Yes, I do. And I have had the pleasure of working on multiple long-term projects. Especially in the fields of constitutional and criminal law, modern literature, and economy.

Do you work remotely? 

Although on-site is preferable, I do have remote interpreting set up ready to provide quality interpretation for webinars and online work. 

Do you work abroad?

Certainly! Not only do I work in Germany and Europe, but I also frequently travel to the middle east and North Africa for conferences and to accompany delegations.

What is expected of me as an employer?

Ideally, you would want to provide the interpreters with information on events, existing terminologies, speakers list, presentations, etc. before the event.

Common Questions

Amira Bakr and Yasmine Khalid

Experience and superb teamwork are the strength of our powerhouse team. We have been co-operating for years in the frameworks of large-scale projects providing simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for expert conferences and delegations. 

Rest assured we would deliver a steady performance of precise, high-quality interpretation throughout the day to guarantee a smooth communication between your guests and audience. 
To get to know my colleague, visit her website at

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